21/9 2023

Confluence of European Water Bodies

This important and inspiring project is a great example of how bodies of water are connected, and how they also can and do connect human beings.

“The Confluence of European Waters will take place at the Mar Menor, the first European ecosystem to gain legal personhood. Here—on the banks of one of the largest lagoons facing the Mediterranean—waters from all over the continent will gather, flow together and share their situated knowledges and experiences. A sincere form of ecological politics must emerge from the specificities of the ecosystem it relates to, which is impossible when exclusively managed by anthropocentric institutions. We therefore invite everyone, parliamentarians and citizens alike, to follow the example of the Confluence of European Waters: to dialogue with and learn from the ecosystems that are and make Europe, questioning their own anthropic boundaries and translating this knowledge into action and law.”

Read more here and here!

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